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100% Canadian

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Just pick a legal agreement drafted by our lawyers, answer a few questions, and generate a legal document in 5-10 minutes!

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Drafted by lawyers

Legal documents drafted by Canadian-licensed lawyers

Save Time & Money

Get your legal documents ready in minutes, for less.

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Connect with Canadian-licensed lawyers over your phone, tablet or computer for additional consultations.

How To Use Contract Store


Choose a contract

We have a directory of contracts to choose from. Simply pick one and pay for the contract you need. No subscriptions or repeat charges – that’s not our style!


Answer a few questions

To help us generate the contract, we will ask you a few questions. Based on your response, our generator will do its thing and generate the documents.


Viola! You got your contract!

At this stage, your contracts are ready! For a discounted add-on, we can also provide you with an Emerge Law lawyer to review the contract with you.

Disclaimer: Contract Store is owned by Emerge Law PC. Please note that nothing on contractstore.ca is legal advice and no lawyer-client relationship is formed by purchasing or generating a document. If you have a specific problem and need legal advice, contact a licensed lawyer.

100% Canadian